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SHBBBOS008 Provide Body Massages 
SHBBCCS006 Prepare personalised aromatic plant oil blends for beauty treatments

SHBBBOS009 Provide Aromatherapy Massages
SHBBSPA007 Provide Stone Therapy Massages 
SHBBSPA008 Provide Indian Head Massage for
SHBBSSC001 Incorporate knowledge of skin structure and functions into beauty therapy
SHBBSSC002 Incorporate knowledge of body structure and functions into beauty therapy
SHBXCCS006 Promote health nutritional options in a beauty therapy context

DURATION: 40 weeks
Enrol today to be a qualified Massage therapist
The Body Massage Units is an excellent training program for students who have already completed modules in areas of Beauty related subjects or who wish to specialize in Body Massage as a Massage Therapist. This training program gives you the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge of body massage.
Want to learn how to massage?
Earn an extra income?
Train Part Time
Change direction for an exciting and fulfilling new career
Due to popular demand our Body Massage Course now includes Hot Stone Massage and Indian Head Massage, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Massage
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