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Diploma of Beauty Therapy
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Our Nationally Recognised Diploma of Beauty Therapy gives you the complete training in Beauty Therapy which includes the Certificate IV training programme as well as advanced studies.

What does the Course Entail
 Practical and theory subjects please refer to the following 
 units of competencies
Introducing the new Diploma Beauty therapy training  package SHB50121 implemented in 2022



SHBBBOS008 Provide Body Massages


SHBBCCS005 Advice on beauty products & services
SHBBFAS004 Provide lash and brow services
SHBBFAS005 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations
SHBBFAS006 Provide specialised facial treatments
SHBBHRS010 Provide waxing services
SHBBMUP009 Design and apply make-up
SHBBBOS003 Provide Body Treatments
SHBBNLS007 Provide manicure and pedicare services
SHBBNLS011 Use electric file equipment for nail service
SHBBRES003 Research and apply beauty industry information
SHBBSSC001 Incorporate knowledge of skin structure and functions into beauty therapy
SHBBSSC002 Incorporate knowledge of body structures and functions into beauty therapy
SHBXCCS005 Maintain health and well-being in a personal services setting
SHBXCCS006 Promote health nutritional options in a beauty therapy context
SHBXCCS007 Conduct salon financial transactions
SHBXCCS008 Provide salon services to clients
SHBXIND003 Comply with organizational requirements within a personal services environment
SHBXWHS003 Apply Safe hygiene, health and work practices
SIRXOSM002 Maintain ethical and professional standards when using social media and online platforms
SIRXSLS001 Sell to the retail customer

SHBBINF002 Maintain Infection Control Standards
SHBBBOS0010 Use reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments
SHBBBOS009 Provide aromatherapy massages
SHBBSPA005 Work in a spa therapies framework
SHBBSPA006 Provide spa therapies
SHBBSPA007 Provide stone therapy massages
SHBBCCS006 Prepare personalised aromatic plant oil blends for beauty treatments
SHBBSKS009 Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments
SHBBSPA008 Provide Indian head massages for relaxation
This is the highest qualification in Beauty Therapy and it covers all levels of training. A detailed subject list will be given when you attend your interview, the College will explain core subjects and electives at the time of the interview. Training is class room based.

Duration of the Course

Diploma of Beauty Therapy - Part time 18 months
Diploma of Beauty Therapy - Full time 12 months
Entrance Requirements

Applicants with a minimum of Year 10 studies or mature age equivalent may apply to enroll. A personal interview is required before an application is accepted into the College.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Heather Langton Academy of Beauty Therapy has a policy in place for recognition of prior learning. Please bring to the interview your evidence so that the college can view and discuss the subject in more detail.

Course Materials

Training Manuals and most materials are included in fees however Students are required to purchase the following;

  • Kits
  • Text Books

This will be explained in your interview and a list given to you.

Guest Lecturers

Heather Langton Academy of Beauty Therapy has a large variety of professionals who visit the College as guest lecturers. These lecturers convey invaluable specialised knowledge to students. Subjects covered include medical advice, business and financial planning, product knowledge, industry awareness and other related subjects.


All Beauty Therapy students are required to wear the Heather Langton Academy of Beauty Therapy College uniform. The uniform consists of 1 Spa top, 2 T-shirts, 1 black Heather Langton jumper and students own straight black skirt or black pants, with closed in black shoes.

Work Experience

Work Experience is a very valid part of our training programme. Students gain invaluable knowledge regarding how a Salon runs on a daily basis. The College organises the work experience placements for each student. The work experience programme is attended throughout the training. Diploma students are required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of work experience.


After Hours Studies are required for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy both in practical and theory. Assignments will be given throughout the training programme. This will be explained in more detail at your interview.


All Students who complete their training programme and pass their assessment will receive a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and issued within 30 days of completing the program.

Course Commencement

Please contact the College for the next Course commencement date.

Payment of Fees

Fees Upon application
Payment can be made by credit card, cash, or bank transfer.


Please note there are no refunds unless the course is cancelled by the College.

Employment Opportunities

Diploma of Beauty Therapy graduates have the opportunity to be employed in beauty, health and wellness day spas, dermal therapy salons, and destination health retreats, cruise ships or establish their own business.


Anyone who is interested in enrolling for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy must have an initial interview. A personal interview can be organised for you to view the College facilities and ask further questions regarding training and concerns you may have. This gives you a better understanding of the training involved and gives the opportunity to go away and make an informed decision.

A Free Employment Service is available to all students.
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