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What our Graduates are saying:

"I researched the beauty industry and I selected Heather Langton Academy as it was the most reputable and highly respected company with a national accreditation. This course provided with me the best foundation for a lifelong career in the beauty industry. They also organised job opportunities before I had completed my training".

"I completed my Certificate III in Beauty Services in 2019 and decided to complete my Diploma in 2020! Heather and her team are very supportive and love seeing their trainees succeed in what they love! I would not have gone anywhere else to study beauty therapy! Thank you to all the team. Highly recommended".

Every part of the training was essential in becoming the best beauty therapist you can be

I would encourage anyone who wanted to pursue a career in beauty therapy to undertake a Heather Langton course as it will best prepare you for a career in the industry

The highly practical course meant that I could master the techniques in a short amount of time

Heather’s experience and the way the course is structure made it a smooth transition starting my employment straight away

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy gave me the specialised skills to be able to perform all beauty treatments safely, and at a high level with expert techniques

I enjoyed learning about skin and all the muscles of the body then using this knowledge to perform facials and massage, also educating my clients on how to continue caring for their skin and bodies

Why do people choose the

Heather Langton Academy

of Beauty Therapy


Congratulations to HLABT  Graduates for their success


Delise (Assistant Manager)

Chloe (Assistant Manager)

Nicole (Spa Star & Senior Therapist)

Congratulations Delise & Nicole

Endota Therapist  of the year 2016


OF THE 2014


Congratulations to Brittany Guy for winning The Ella Award for the National Therapist of the Year! Brittany beat more than 2,000 therapists for the awards and won a $6,000 travel voucher and two trophies.


Brittany is a proud graduate of the Heather Langton Academy

of Beauty Therapy

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